We take our commitment to member and public safety very serious.

21st July Update

Following the introduction of ‘Step 3’ by England Athletics, the club has introduced a number of measures in order to be ‘covid secure’.

This means that, with certain conditions met, the following activities can now take place:

  • Formal senior training sessions can now take place with a coach and up to 12 runners*.
  • Informal sessions, such as social runs, can now take place with unlimited runners.
Covid-19 Documents
Risk Assessment
Netpark Covid Checklist
Hardwick Park Covid Checklist
Urban Running Covid Checklist
Social Runs Covid Checklist
EA Guidance for Athletes and Runners
EA Guidance for Running Coaches and Leaders
EA Guidance for a Covid Secure Environment

The table above lists our key covid documents which contain those conditions. Members please read these. In addition to the risk assessment, we have produced easy to read checklists for each of the main senior training venues or activities. Some of the points will be familiar, such as 2 metres social distancing, but one aspect which is new is the requirement to take a group photograph of all participants. We often do this anyway, but this is now formalised in order to act as a register to assist track and trace procedures in any such requirement.

Finally, we have appointed Andy Featherstone as the club’s Covid Officer. This is a requirement of being covid secure and we thank him for producing the information above. Please speak to Andy if you have any questions.

Thank you.


*  Please note that not all training evenings will be able to restart immediately, due to capacity of individual coaches.