Gerry Kearsley Handicaps

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The Gerry Kearsley Handicap is run in January and July over a multi terrain route on trails around Fishburn and Bishop Middleham.  It is free to enter and you can enter on the day. Handicapping is based on 10k times.  The name of the winner is engraved on the Gerry Kearsley Handicap shield.

The Handicap is kindly sponsored by Peggy Kearsley.

Winter Handicap

Fastest Man: James Oldfield (Sedgefield Harriers) – 35:42

Fastest Woman: Sadie Abel (Sedgefield Harriers) – 41:17

Summer Handicap

Fastest Man: Craig Usherwood (Sunderland Harriers) – 34:47

Fastest Woman: Sadie Abel (Sedgefield Harriers) – 44:23 (2023)


Date/ResultsWinnerFastest ManTimeFastest WomanTimeExtra
Winter 2024 - January 14Andrew Lilley (Runfit HartlepoolRyan Watson (Sedgefield Harriers)36:49Sadie Abel (Sedgefield Harriers)45:04Photos From Pete King
Summer 2023 - July 20Laura Hudson (Aycliffe RC)Richard Trowles (Aycliffe RC)40:07Sadie Abel (Sedgefield Harriers)41:17Photos by Pete MIlburn
Winter 2023 - January 15Chris Ward (unaffiliated)Elliot Bareham (unaffiliated)39.34Sadie Abel (Sedgefield Harriers)43.02Photos (by Peter Milburn)
Summer 2022 - Jul 20Sue Russell (Stockton Striders)Rory Letts (Sedgefield Harriers)38.18Jane Spink (Sedgefield Harriers)46.34Mark Chapman photos (Harriers Members Facebook group) * Photos (by Peter)
Winter 2022 - Jan 16Paul Hodgson (Durham Fell Runners)Paul Hodgson (Durham Fell Runners)37:22Lisa Darby (Sedgefield Harriers)46:58
Summer 2021 - August 4Rhys McKie (unaffiliated)Chris Callan (Elvet Striders)36:11Kirsty Wilson (Durham Mums on the Run)44:45
Winter 2021 - April 17Rory Letts (Sedgefield Harriers)Mark Raine (Sedgefield Harriers)36:59Lisa Darby (Sedgefield Harriers)44:42* due to COVID-19, race was delayed, entry limited and run socially distanced

Photos (Pete)
Summer 2020 - Aug 20Jonathan Wallace (Sedgefield Harriers)Paul Weir (Sedgefield Harriers)37:07Jane Spink (Sedgefield Harriers)47:56* socially distanced due to COVID-19
Winter 2020 - Jan 19Louise Collins (Elvet Striders)Paul Weir (Sedgefield Harriers)37:53Abbie Walker (Sedgefield Harriers)45:40Photos
Summer 2019 - July 18Rachel Hall (NYMAC)Chris Lines (Sedgefield)38:36Lisa Darby (Sedgefield)46:27Photos (Phil) * Photos (Mil)
Winter 2019 - Jan 13John Marshall
(Sedgefield Harriers)
Chris Lines
(Sedgefield Harriers)
39:20Nicky Young
(Darlington Harriers)
Summer 2018 - July 19Simon Russell (Stockton Striders)Justin Cox (Sedgefield Harriers)38:07Lisa Darby (Sedgefield Harriers)45:54
Winter 2018 - Jan 14Callum Darby (Sedgefield Harriers)Chris Lines (Sedgefield Harriers)40:52Jane Spink (Sedgefield Harriers)47:54
Summer 2017 - Jul 20Nicole Phillips (Houghton Harriers)Paul Low (Darlington Harriers)35:55Linda Noble (Darlington Harriers)44:50
Winter 2017 - Jan 15Carl Marchant (Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers)James Oldfield (Sedgefield Harriers)14:29Oonagh Bathgate (Swaledale)18:23* course shortened due to ice
Summer 2016 - Jul 21Mil Walton (Sedgefield Harriers)James Oldfield (Sedgefield Harriers)35:42Louise Tolman (Darlington Harriers)44:17
Winter 2016 - Jan 16Peter Smith (Aycliffe Running Club)Alex Mirley (Durham City Harriers)36:10Jade Hutchinson (Darlington Harriers)46:14
Summer 2015 - July 16Cyd Upton (Aycliffe Running Club)Craig Usherwood (Sunderland Harriers)34:47Louise Tolman (Darlington Harriers)44:23
Winter 2015 - Jan 18David Musgrove (Run Peterlee)James Oldfield (Sedgefield Harriers)35:46Lisa Darby48:31
Summer 2014 - Jul 17Steve KnightPaul Weir (Sedgefield Harriers)36:59Tracy Glaister (Sedgefield Harriers)49:53
Winter 2012 - Jan 14Marc WilsonPaul Weir (Sedgefield Harriers)38:15Abie Hearmon (Sedgefield Harriers)43:53
Summer 2013 - July 18Chris Griffith (Shildon AC)Michael Joyeux (Quakers AC)37:41Gail Bell (Sedgefield Harriers)47:55
Winter 2013 - Jan 13Sean Haycock (Sedgefield Harriers)Will Horsley (Elvet Striders)38:02Gail Bell (Sedgefield Harriers)45:33
Summer 2012 - July 19Anthony Corbett (Quakers AC)Will Horsley
(Elvet Striders)
39:40Gail Bell (Sedgefield Harriers)44:01
Winter 2012 - Jan 18Greg Swinbourne
Will Horsley
(Elvet Striders)
37:06Gail Bell
(Sedgefield Harriers)