Grand Prix

22/01/20235.5MStuart Pailor Old MonksTrailHart VillageRace cancelled due to weather. No points scored.
19/02/2023N/A - 30 min East Park RunTrailEast Park(Results on main spreadsheet)
01/04/20235kSedgefield parkrun #500MixedHardwick ParkResults
23/04/202310kSanddancerMixedSouth ShieldsResults
21/05/20237.5MPier to PierMixedSouth ShieldsResults
31/05/20235kErnie Johnson Memorial Penshaw Hill RaceTrailPenshawResults
21/06/20236MNewburn River RunRoadNewburn (near Newcastle)Results
14/07/202310kDurham City RunRoadDurhamResults
August 202326.2MDIY MarathonYour choiceYour choiceDetails below (results in spreadsheet)
21/10/2023400mHarriers Track DayTrackShildon SunnydaleCancelled.


The 2023 Sedgefield Harriers Grand Prix is open to all paid-up first-claim members of the Sedgefield Harriers, however members are only eligible once they reach the age of 16. +

There are six divisions: two elite divisions (one men, one women), followed by four mixed-gender divisions based on ability.

All divisions are based on fastest Sedgefield parkrun time of 2022. Where a runner hasn’t run Sedgefield parkrun in 2022, the runner’s best parkrun time at any parkrun is used. Where the organiser judges a runner’s time to be below their typical standard, this is adjusted and the athlete notified. ++ For each division, first place receives 10 points, second place 9 points etc.

Bonus points are available for: volunteering at Harriers events (1pt per event, maximum 2pts) and competing at NYSD track and field events (1pt per event, no maximum).

Attendance bonus points will also be awarded for taking part in Grand Prix races as follows (i.e. the more Grand Prix races you run, the more points you get just for running them):

  • 0-2 races: 0 bonus points
  • 3-4 races: 2 bonus points
  • 5-6 races: 5 bonus points
  • 7 or more races: 10 bonus points

The best 7 results are taken from 10 races. You do not need to run all 10 races.

Good luck to everyone!


  • All athletes must run in their Harriers vest
  • Points will only be scored where athletes are paid-up, first claim members of the Harriers, i.e. new joiners won’t score points for races run unattached or in another club’s vest, leavers won’t score points in subsequent races
  • No points will be scored where an athlete runs under someone else’s number. If an athlete using someone else’s number runs in a lower category, e.g. a V40 runner using a V60 runner’s number, a “fine” of 10 points will be issued. +++
  • Where chip time is available, this is used in preference to gun time
  • You don’t need to run 7 races to win – your best 7 results count, but if you win without running 7 you still win


Where two athletes finish on the same points, the following will be used to settle a tie –

  • athlete with the most points from races (as opposed to bonus points)
  • athlete that has won the most runs head to head with competing athlete
  • athlete that has entered the most Grand Prix races
  • athlete with most volunteering points
  • oldest athlete
  • arm wrestle

Changes from previous years:

+ previously members had to be 16 on Jan 1st to be eligible – now they can join at any time once they’re 16 (obviously this will make it difficult for people who have birthdays in October, but will allow athletes to compete sooner)

++ previously this was done on countback and the discretion of the organiser; now changed to be more objective, but onus is on athletes so set a qualifying time at Sedgefield parkrun

+++ most races allow number transfers before the event, so I’m being stricter on this this year; athletes competing in the wrong category damages the reputation of the club – previously this resulted in zero points, now it will result in minus 10 points

++++ bonus points available for NYSD track and field participation

DIY Marathon

Acknowledging that August is frequently a difficult time for people (especially those with families) to be certain of entering races, this year we’re doing a Stuart Park-style “show me your Garmin” run for August.

The idea is to run a full marathon distance during the month. This can be either done in one go (and can of course be done as part of an organised marathon), or you can make up the distance over a number of runs. There’s a BUT coming up…

For each additional run taken to achieve the distance, 8% of the total time is added, e.g.

If I take 5 runs to achieve the distance, my time will be the total taken plus 32% of that time.

If I take 2 runs to achieve the distance, my time will be the total taken plus 8% of that time.

Runs must be your own, must begin no earlier than 00:00 BST on 1 August and finish no later than 23:59 on 31 August.

N.B. – UK Athletics places a limit on the maximum distance younger athletes are expected to run. (These preclude under 16s from many of the Grand Prix races, which is why Grand Prix entry is for 16+.) These limits are:

Aged 16 years – 15,000 metres
Aged 17 years – 25,000 metres

With this in mind, it is expected that 16-year-old and 17-year-old athletes comply with these guidelines and respectively, they will be allowed to complete 3 and 2 runs before any additional time is added.

Runs must be presented to me by 7 September at the latest.

Roll of Honour

From 2018, the Grand Prix format was changed to allow two smaller "elite" divisions based on gender and four larger mixed divisions based on ability.
YearMen's EliteWomen's EliteDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
2023David WalkerJane SpinkPete MilburnPaul CowellGeorgina LettsSue Dobson
2022Mark RaineLisa DarbyDavid WalkerMark ChapmanDavid RoundGraham Darby
2019Mark RaineRosie WarnettDavid WalkerIan SpencerFay UphillHelen Frame
2018Chris LinesJane SpinkDavid WalkerMatthew WalkerAndy CorfieldBeth Raine
The original format was a division for men and a division for women. In 2015 this was expanded to allow two divisions per gender.
YearMen's Division OneWomen's Division OneMen's Division TwoWomen's Division Two
2017Chris LinesLisa DarbyPaul LeeAlda Hummelinck
2016Ray CarmichaelLisa DarbyDavid RoundHelen Letts
2015Paul WeirTracy GlaisterPaul GlaisterDeb Pennick
2014Paul WeirChris Hearmon--
2013Graeme AddisonGail Bell--
2012Graeme AddisonDiane Baines--
During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, Stuart Park organised a series of "virtual grands prix".
YearMen's Division OneWomen's Division OneMen's Division TwoWomen's Division Two
2021Mil WaltonAbbie WalkerPhilip HoughtonGeorgina Letts
2020 WinterDavid WalkerJane SpinkAndrew MalcolmChris Hearmon
2020 SummerPaul WeirJane SpinkSteve ForemanPaula Warwick