Race Rundown: Dentdale 14, 9th March 2019

Much like me in Dent, my race report is coming in a little later than I had hoped.

It started off as a very windy day as Tracy and I got ready to make the journey over to Dent in Cumbria. For those who don’t know Dent, it is a little village in Dentdale valley just west of the Pennines.  The race itself is all on road and is a figure eight style route with Dent in the centre, with a choice of 14 mile or 8 mile races.  On this occasion I had entered the 14 mile race and Tracy the 8 mile.

As we travelled over, the weather looked grim with lots of snow on the hills, but luckily as we got into the valley the snow eased off and was replaced with wind and rain.

By the time the race started the weather wasn’t too bad, but the course was very wet.

The race raises money for the local school and has a very community feel to it, which I personally really like. You are made to feel very welcome and at the finish you are served afternoon tea in the school hall.

It’s a hilly course, which the elevation profile above shows (the 14 mile route is the 8 mile route plus an additional 6). My pace overlay shows the location of two of the water stations!


71 of 283, 1:52:48 Chip Time


96 of 189, 1:09:12 Chip Time


Full Results:



Unlike previous years, no other Sedgefield Harriers made the journey over.


Whilst slower than previous years I was happy with my run and Tracy was happy with hers too, which made the post-race beer in the local enjoyable!


By Steve Foreman

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