Race Rundown: Greater Manchester Marathon, 7th April 2019

Manchester Marathon 7th April . My debut, wow what a marathon.

My marathon began with a party going on in the hotel room next door!!! Finally dozing and then a fire alarm at 4am. Wake up call. FALSE ALARM!!

I arrived at the start line wiring for the toilet or so I thought! No I was in a pen with 2:45 runners ARGHHHH! No way out I was stuck.

13 miles in everything going to my plan and that included 2 toilet stops. Shell Garage was very kind and gave lots of encouragement! The crowds that supported the race were very supportive all the way along the full route. I was now in new territory, 20 miles, don’t look at the watch just keep going. I needed the enthusiastic crowds. Then out of the bushes appeared Jane! It was me who went to a proper toilet. That amused me for a while and made me chuckle.

The atmosphere was phenomenal, I have never seen so much support from the local community. The different bands on route were uplifting. All I can say is well done to the organisation of this marathon, it certainly inspired me.

For extra energy I used 6 orange SIS gels from 6 miles and that gave me enough to finish. I kept my head and stuck to my plan and although I didn’t blow up at 20 miles the last 6 were so hard. Weather conditions perfect for a long run and a lovely flat course which was supported all the way around.

By Tracy Glaister

Results: https://results.sporthive.com/events/6488812689306147584

Editor’s note: Tracy completed her debut marathon in a very impressive 4 hours 20 minutes.

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